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  • The visit is individual and exclusive for the person who registers in the application for health security reasons.


  • With the appointment you make, you will NOT be able to make visits to other people over 16 years of age, whether they are family, friends or a partner.
  • If your child is under 16 years of age, parents may make the visit for the minors, as long as the visit is registered in the child's name.
  • If you wish to visit more than one minor child, you must register each of the children separately.
  • If the entire family is traveling, each family member must register individually. Group visits will not be possible.


  • Internet connection
  • Audio and Video Device (PC, Laptop or Tablet)
  • If you have a computer problem during your visit, you must have a mobile phone so that the health staff can contact you.
  • Once registered, you will receive two emails with the subject Telesavi that will guide you in the connection process and will contain the username, password and link to the televisit. If you don't receive them, check your Spam folder.


  • The doctor can prescribe some type of specific medication for the trip, through electronic prescriptions, which will be sent to the user's email.
  • If you need vaccines, you will receive an email with the first day and time available from the visit. If it goes well, you can later call us at 932 27 93 00 to change it.
  • Address and hours of the Vaccination Center: C/Casanova 150 Bajos, Barcelona. (8.15-2.30 Monday to Friday in low season, September-April) (8.15-21.30 Monday to Friday in high season, May - August)


  • ID / Passport
  • Vaccination card (if possible)

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